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Social responsibility helping hand foundation #Togetherwecan

We all know these are tough times, and it is up to us how we survive this challenge. The pandemic and lockdown have taken a big toll on daily-wage earners, the underprivileged, and the homeless. Every industry is doing its part to support the human race and so is London Rag India. We did want to be selfish and keep on doing this alone, so we are now keeping the help support open to you as well.


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London Rag has been supporting multiple NGOs and singular NPOs from the beginning of Covid 2020. We are now in 2021, and we need that extra hand. Your support is important, and we will make sure it counts. You as an individual do not need to go beyond and extra in giving in real cash. We will contribute 50% of your purchase from our official website to NGOs like #Togetherwecan


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We believe in their goal as much as we believe in their hashtag! It is crucial where moments like this, just a simple gesture, can make all the difference for someone in need.
So far The Helping Hands Foundation has facilitated more than 100,000 masks, 15000 plus PPE kits, and over 200,000 units of food items and is providing shelter to over 200 families at 3 shelter homes. There is much more work in progress. We need to extend our help to the maximum we can reach. We will increase the contribution to multiple NGOs as we see progress. Furthermore, we do not want to overload you with information, but just want to remind you that every small move you make counts.


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Ration, bed sheets, clothes, sanitary napkins (2500 packets) 2500 sets of men's and women's underwear, 30 cartons of foodstuff and lots more. 4000 bars of soap, 500 bottles of chlorine to purify drinking water. 2000 mosquito repellent pads. The clothes, blankets, bed sheets were donated by various citizens. Some essentials as well. The donation made by us are sponsoring the ration for 500 families as on today.


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We will provide you with an appreciation certificate for every donation you make towards this program so that you know your money is going for the right cause. Let’s join hands to make India a better place and show the world we are united.


“Many people, including myself, believe that there is no reason to buy fashion or new clothes at this time. Does that make us bad humans? Well, I have something to tell you – We have 40 daily wagers (Mumbai alone) who work for their families' day in and out, to support them for basic needs as food, shelter, and a roof over their head. If you boycott an industry, these people go down with it. Every industry needs to run, for the sole purpose of keeping their employee family happy. If you are one of those who think we stop spending on fashion we are saving money and in return helping you might be wrong. Think once again. There are more ways to support the ecosystem! I believe in #Togetherwecan and would like you to believe in the same”

- Jaya Tahilramani
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